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The Dream

Becoming a catalyst in the Science-to-Business process by:

  • Offering meaningful capacity building;

  • Providing practical tools;

  • Enabling connections

  • Communicating Innovation

so that more scientists can create socially impactful science-based ventures and/or bring research results to the economy through powerful science-business collaborations (within corporations or between academia and industry)

The Team

Science-2-Business npp is a non profit organization founded in August 2023 as a partnership by 15 professionals and the organization AELIA lab, all sharing the Dream of Science-2-Business.

The 15 founding partners come from diverse professional backgrounds, possess wideranging experience in several sectors of business and considerable experience in tech transfer and research commercialization.

(Our published data in the Hellenic Commercial Registy HERE)

More to come...

The "Why"

Because the pathway from science into business requires

  • targeted capacity building focusing on specific issues of the process;

  • constant mindset challenges;

  • curated connections among diverse segments of the ecosystems involved.

It is a pathway filled with hurdles and gaps which requires targeted guidance.


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